Our Farm

Ladybridge High School is lucky to have its own farm with a wide range of animals and birds within the grounds of the school site. The farm is used as part of the life cycle curriculum and learners can observe various stages of life development such as hens’ eggs being incubated into chicks and on to full grown hens. 

Animals around the site and in the fields include donkeys and goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, cockerels, white geese, plus an aviary full of finches, doves and budgies. 

Forest School 

We have developed a Forest School at Ladybridge around the meadows, small woods and dipping pond. Forest Schools have been very popular across Europe for decades and now the UK has realised that this is a perfect way to get young people out in the great outdoors in a safe environment. 

Activities range from mini-beast hunting, den building and woodland art using what is available in the surrounding area. We also teach how to make a fire and cook goodies such as marshmallows and popcorn. 

Mr S Waterworth our Farm Manager.