Staying Safe Online

It is really important that, every day, all students feel positive about their emotional and mental wellbeing. Please remember that we are always here to give you help straight away. You might also find the information and links below useful. You must never feel on your own with your concerns whilst in our Ladybridge Family.


Students should have a basic awareness of being safe online. Passwords should be kept safe, never written down and make use of both numbers and letters to create a strong password. You should use different passwords for different sites, that way if one site is compromised, the others will still be safe. If you are worried about remembering your passwords, tell a parent so they can help you remember.
On most social media accounts, you need to be over thirteen years of age to have an account. Be aware of the age limits for websites before you sign up and make sure the website is one you can trust (if in doubt, ask a parent or teacher)
Bullying can be a common problem online but it is not any more acceptable online than it is in real life. It is wrong and illegal. If you have witnessed bullying or are being bullied online yourself, tell a responsible adult immediately.

Please click the links below for more information

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As you may be aware, there are different dangers for older students. As well as the points above, you should look out for how to stay safe on social media. Don’t share or post anything that you wouldn’t want everyone to see. Pictures and posts can stay on the internet forever, so think about what you post before you post it, even in private chats (you never know who will share the picture)
Be careful who you chat with, especially if you don’t know them in real life. People aren’t always who they say they are.
If you are chatting to someone you don’t know and something doesn’t seem right, tell a parent/teacher/someone you can trust. Never agree to meet a person from the internet.
See the links below for more information

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