Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Ladybridge High School
At Ladybridge High School, we believe that students need to feel safe, happy and supported in order to develop and achieve. We therefore place a strong emphasis on the pastoral needs of our students and have a team of dedicated staff who support them according to their individual needs. Each year group has a dedicated Pastoral Lead and team of Learning Coordinators. The Learning Coordinator has daily contact with their Learning Group and, wherever practical, will remain with them throughout their time at Ladybridge High School.

The Pastoral Lead works closely with the Learning Coordinators and Directors of Achievement and are supported by a range of other staff including: the SENCO; Teaching Assistants; the Senior Welfare Officer; the Administration Team; and the Senior Leadership Team.

The aims of pastoral care at Ladybridge High School are:

·  to ensure the welfare of each member of the school academically, socially and personally, both as an individual and as a member of the school community
·  to have a care for the welfare of the students beyond the school environment
·  to ensure that each student contributes as far as they can to the mutual benefit of the school community
·  to ensure that the school always acts in a student’s best interests
·  to encourage the moral, spiritual, emotional and cultural development of the students in the school’s care
·  to encourage students to take increasingly greater responsibility for their own actions.

Members of the Pastoral Team:

Senior Pastoral Lead
Mrs J Baillie-Eames

Mrs C Hale Yr7
Miss C Morton Yr8
Mrs F Hall Yr9
Mr A White Yr10
Mrs J Baille-Eames Yr11

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