Year 7 Geography Africa Project

Posted in General - Thursday May 24, 2018

Year 7 Geographers completed a homework project on an African country of their choice this half-term.  They had a choice of 54 countries!  Part of the research criteria was looking at human and physical features including population, culture and ethnic diversity as well as biomes.  They also explored historical links, including colonialism. Projects on Kenya and Egypt were popular but there was a wide variety of interest shown in countries such as Libya, Madagascar, Seychelles Democratic Republic and Congo to name a few.  Some outstanding pieces of work were presented in a variety of forms such as scrapbooks, posters, power points and booklets.  Special mention goes to Leon Fletcher, Jack Lightbown, Anna-Beth Iddon, Toby Howarth, Fazila Buhla, Aishah Bux, Jazmin Balogh, Riven Rosimus, Jamil Amla, Nicolas Cardos, Mishehl Hussain, Khadija Mahmood, Shreya Mepani,  and Riven Rosimus.  Well done Year 7!