Pixl Edge Celebration Event

Posted in General - Wednesday July 19, 2017

Image: Pixl Edge Celebration Event

On Friday, Mr White, Pastoral Lead for Year 8, took five Year 7 & 8 students to the PiXL celebration event at Hope Academy in St Helens. The students were being presented with their certificates for completing their Apprentice Level on the PiXL Edge Scheme. We are immensely proud of our students and were thrilled to see them up on stage receiving recognition for their efforts and endeavours with the scheme this year. They have been rewarded for their life skills and character attributes and have shown great commitment to our school and the wider community. A great day was had by all, including a very proud Pastoral Lead.

On arrival back to school the students were able to celebrate with their Learning Co-ordinators Mrs Wood and Mr Wyatt.  Mrs Wood, Learning Co-ordinator for 8CWD, has been the driving force for PIXL Edge over the last 18 months and has experienced first-hand, the hard work and commitment from her students in completing the activities and tasks required to become Pixl Apprentice’s.