Word of the Week

Each week, Learning Coordinators share the ‘Word of the Week’ with their LC Groups. The words come from a list of what are known as ‘Tier 2’ words. These words appear very frequently in written texts and exam papers and many students are unfamiliar with their meanings. Studies suggest that students who become familiar with these words and their meanings have a much greater chance of being academically successful.

For a list with all our words of the week, click here
Please click the links below to see Powerpoints of the words featured so far

Word of the Week -  Available
Word of the Week -  Data
Word of the Week -  Estimate
Word of the Week -  Financial
Word of the Week -  Individual
Word of the Week -  Method
Word of the Week -  Principle
Word of the Week -  Process
Word of the Week -  Sector
Word of the Week -  Specific
Word of the Week -  Variables

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