Franklin Scholars

Starting as a new student in Year 7 can be a daunting prospect. Franklin Scholars aim to make this experience and transition as smooth and easy as possible through a system of mentoring.Our year 10 mentors are exceptionally well equipped to coach their Year 7 mentees in three areas:
1. Literacy
2. Social skills
3. Problem solving and self-esteem

Through the use of an interesting and poignant book, lots of group activities and a mentoring discussion when the Year 7s can voice any concerns and receive advice from a peer, or simply celebrate their successes over the year, the Franklin Scholars mentees are given the opportunity to develop skills and begin a fantastic school career here at Ladybridge High School.

The Franklin Scholars mentors also get a lot out of this experience. It gives them an opportunity to build on their own literacy and problem solving skills, as well as developing their leadership skills. It also enables them to forge new friendships with other Franklin Scholars. Both the Year 7s and the Year 10s have had the opportunity to meet with other Franklin Scholars from around the country and share their experiences.

In Franklin Scholars, I have made lots of new friends and it has helped me a lot in English with my spelling. My Franklin Scholar is Katie. She is in Year 10 going into Year 11. Katie has helped me to understand long words in my English work. She is also really good to talk to about any problems I’m having. I also find Franklin Scholars fun because we play games. Some are linked to English but lots include problem solving and teamwork.
Kenzie Smith Y7

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