Big Book Quiz

My friends and I attend a lunch time reading club because we are involved in a competition called the Big Book Quiz. To prepare for the first round of the competition – which took place on 15th March (and was hosted by Ladybridge High School) – we had to read at least two of four books each. The books were:
• ‘The Demon Collector’ by Jon Mayhew
• ‘Circus Mirandus’ by Cassie Beasley
• ‘The Cat who Came in off the Roof’ Annie by M G Schmidt
• ‘Brilliant’ by Roddy Doyle
We split into two teams and at the competition, each team would have to answer a set of questions about each of the four books.
The day of the competition arrived. At 6pm, the teams from other schools arrived our wonderful quiz master started off the quiz with a few puns and introductions and this kick started the competition. Although our school only entered two teams, some schools had entered about six groups each!
The first question was put to the contestants and the tension in the hall was so thick you slice it in half! My team won the first and second rounds successfully and then it came down to the last set of questions. It was all becoming tense as we had slipped out of our position into 2nd place and the other team was 4 points ahead. Previous winners from our school, who were now in Year 9 and Year 10, had come to the quiz to support us and at they were encouraging us so much.  We all thought we had lost it all and then something ridiculously amazing happened. Before the final round we had a break. I felt too queasy to eat any of the popcorn, biscuits and other refreshments that were on offer during the break. Instead, I started reading the final round’s book and felt better as I had memorised nearly all of the lines of the book! From then on, I knew we were going to win. BE TRIUMPHANT!
The final round started and all the room sounded of was whispering and sighs. The final questions were answered and the scores were totalled 10 minutes later while the amazing musicians of our school showcased their talents, entertaining the audience. Eventually, the positions were read out and in 3rd place was the other group from our school. I clapped vigorously as they collected their well-deserved prize and sat down. In 2nd place was a team called the Smexy Unicorns (interesting name choice) with 56 points and our team thought we were out for good and we had not won. When they read out the name of the winning team, I freaked out in amazement, shock and disbelief because they read out OUR name!
We took part in the Regional Final on Tuesday 7th July and we were very proud of our achievements having had a reduced amount of time to prepare!
I just want to thank my teacher, Miss Tapper for everything. She was flabbergasted that we had retained the title of ‘Winners’ that our school had already held for 4 years in a row! I was so happy! I felt like screaming and all I am thinking now is ‘‘Hello FINAL!’‘’
By Tasneem Gedi

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