Accelerated Reader

Since September, Y7 and Y8 students have been taking part in a programme called ‘Accelerated Reader’. At the start of each term, students in each of the year groups (as well as Years 9 and 10) complete a ‘Star Reading Test’. This informs us of the students’ reading ages. A large section of our library contains a range of books that have been labelled with reading levels. Each library lesson (or as soon as students finish a reading book, since our library is open during Learnacy, break times, lunch times and after school each day), students select books within their reading ranges. They are encouraged to finish a reading book every two weeks and within 24 hours of finishing their book, they are expected to take a quiz on the book. To pass a quiz, students must achieve 85% or above and we award certificates and prizes at the end of each term to students who try hard and achieve success in this programme.

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