Curriculum for Science
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 10
Yr 11

The Science Department strives to provide a personalised and innovative curriculum that clearly links the applications of Science to real life.  Students can follow a range of pathways, both academic and vocational, that support them in achieving the best possible outcomes to support them in their next steps.  The curriculum places a high value on hands on experimental activities to allow students to gain transferable skills, especially in analysis and evaluation.

The Science curriculum is enriched through a range of activities each year including:
·    Yr 10 residential at Oxford University
·    KS3 and 4 Bolton West Science Challenges
·    Salters Chemistry Lectures
·    The Physics Olympics
·    Science Made Simple events
·    STEM Club

Plus a wide range of other activities, many fully funded through the Ogden Trust Partnership.

Please click here for a Yr 9 and Yr 10 online textbook and homework resource. Once you’ve accessed the resource, click on ‘student’ and follow the instructions to log in.

Members of the Science Team:

Mrs K Rowlinson
Director of Standards for Science

Mr E Poole
Assistant Director of Standards for Science KS3

Miss V Yates
Assistant Director of Standards for Science KS4

Mrs L Rothwell
Director of Achievement for Yrs 10 & 11 / Teacher of Science

Mrs C Wood
Teacher of Science

Miss R Hindley
Teacher of Science

Miss B Chesterfield
Teacher of Science

Curriculum for Science
Yr 7
Yr 8
Yr 9
Yr 10
Yr 11

At Ladybridge High School your son/daughter is being given many revision resources in their Science lessons.  Your son/daughter can also access any of the Science curriculum at home by logging onto connect collins.  Your son/daughter has the log on details.  This is a very useful revision tool with your son/daughter being able to view Science content covered in class, questions to assess their understanding as well as past exam questions.

In addition to the above we also recommend the following paper revision guides and workbooks that contains practise exam questions.

For students studying combined science -

CGP Combined Science Revision Guide
CGP Combined Science Workbook

For students studying separate sciences –

CGP separate science revision guides
CGP separate science revision workbooks

These are available for both Foundation and Higher tier. Please ensure you that you choose appropriate the appropriate level. Your son/daughter has so much potential. To ensure your child reaches this potential it is essential that they carry out quality revision in their own time in addition to their studies at Ladybridge. This can be supported by your son/daughter using the above revision guides.

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