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We believe that the purpose of Religious Studies is to help students develop the skills required for life in a religiously and culturally diverse society and to provide them with the opportunity to reflect upon their own spiritual and philosophical beliefs, whilst remaining sensitive to the views and opinions of others.

During Year 7 & 8, students are introduced to the origins and beliefs of the major religious traditions practised in the world today, with a focus on themes such as special people, holy books, worship, festivals and identity.

By Year 9, students at Ladybridge, who wish to do so, may begin their GCSE in Religious Studies.  This gives them the opportunity to consider challenging questions about human nature, the problem of suffering and the existence of God.

Many students choose to take GCSE Religious Studies as an option, following the Edexcel ‘Religion and Life’ specification. The course focuses on religious and moral issues such as divorce, abortion, euthanasia, racism and the role of women in religion. Topics are studied from the perspective of Christianity and Islam.

Members of the Religious Studies Team:

Mrs K Halliwell
Director of Standards for RS, Citizenship, Learnacy and SMSC

Miss J Helliwell
Teacher of RS and Citizenship

Miss S Hollingum
Teacher of RS and Citizenship

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