Product Design

Curriculum for Product Design
Yr 9
Yr 10
Yr 11

When designing and making, students will be taught to use research and understand user needs so they can solve their own design problems. Students will use a variety of approaches such as biomimicry to generate creative ideas and develop these ideas through annotated sketches, detailed plans and 3-D mathematical modelling. Students will also be taught how to use specialist tools and techniques, including computer aided design (CAD) along with new and emerging technologies such as 3 D printing (CAM).

Students will learn the work of past and present professionals to develop and broaden their understanding of Design and Technology, along with the responsibilities that designers, engineers and technologists have upon society and the environment. Students will also learn the properties of materials and understand how different properties can inform design decisions.

In KS3, students will study a broad range of projects reflecting the criteria outlined above.  In KS4, they will have the option to focus on Product Design in depth, which will lead to a technical GCSE awarded by AQA. During KS4 students will have to complete a major project that will take the majority of Year 11 and will be assessed 60% design and make and 40% examination.

Mr P Cotton
Assistant Director of Standards Design & Technology

Ms D Sales
Teacher of Product Design

Miss J Greenhalgh
Teacher of Product Design

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