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Students at Ladybridge are taught a curriculum which follows the new guidelines set out by the government. Schemes of work are designed from KS3 to reflect the structure and content experienced at GCSE. At the end of each scheme of work students are assessed through a performance and written listening exam. Lessons are taught in 3 distinct areas:
1. Listening and Appraising – Students are taught to appreciate music from many cultures, and learn to contextualise key vocabulary. The great composers of Western Classical music are studied in detail.
2. Performance – Students are taught to read notation in various forms, and to perform music from many different genres of music, on a number of instruments.
3. Composition – Students are encouraged to develop their creative skills both individually and through group work.

Key Stage 3

Students at Ladybridge have a diverse and varied musical experience. They will listen to, play and compose music from around the world, including Western Classical music, West African drumming, Samba, Indian Classical, Caribbean, Musical Theatre and Rock/Pop.
Music lessons have a practical focus, whilst ensuring students improve their musical ear and vocabulary. There are three foci in each lesson: listening and appraisal; composition; and performance. Lessons are challenging and engaging, allowing students to achieve their potential, in an enjoyable, safe and constructive learning environment.

Key Stage 4

Ladybridge runs the AQA GCSE music award. The new specification has a greater focus on listening and appraising. The new exam is 40% of the GCSE. This will be reflected in teaching time dedicated to this area.
Students will learn to compose pieces of music from a variety of genres. They will then compose two final pieces in controlled conditions. (30%)
Students must also be learning an instrument, and be Grade 3-5 standard by the end of the course to ensure A*-C grades. (30%)
Finally students prepare for the written paper, which focuses on Listening and Appraising music. They must learn to recognise music studied and it’s key indicators, and then answer questions in an extended form, demonstrating the ability to contextualise this knowledge. This is a 1 hour 30 minute paper based on a series of musical extracts. (40%)
Extra-curricular Music Activities
Students have a wealth of musical opportunities at Ladybridge. The following instrumental lessons are offered each week: vocals, woodwind, drum kit, brass, strings, keyboard and guitar.

Below are the weekly clubs and ensembles:
Vocal group
Samba band
Woodwind group
Brass group
Keyboard Club
Guitar Club
Rock School

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, which then lead to performance opportunities at the Christmas Concert, Young musician of the year, School Musical (Grease 2016), Summer Concert and Ladybridge X Factor.

Mr S Packwood
Teacher of World Music

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