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Welcome to the Department of Modern Foreign Languages!  The MFL team are keen to motivate all our students so that every child’s language experience is a positive one, and we are always looking at new ways to make language learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Travelling abroad is a lot more fun when you can speak the language of the country you are visiting and, in an increasingly globalised workplace, a language qualification can be a real asset.  At Ladybridge, we endeavour to prepare our students to take their place in a multilingual global society by widening their horizons and increasing their appreciation of the world beyond Bolton.

In language lessons, students are provided with opportunities to develop a range of skills that are transferable and useful in every area of life, besides developing and improving their communication and literacy skills.  We aim to develop the full potential of every child in the four language skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, and lessons are structured so that students have regular opportunities to reflect independently or collaboratively on what they have learned and how they have learned.

Within the department we teach Spanish and French, but we also provide guidance for speakers of other languages who wish to take formal examinations in their native tongue. In recent years students have taken GCSEs in the following languages: Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, French, German, Gujarati, Italian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu.

Members of the MFL Team:

Miss S Rogers
Director of Standards MFL

Miss L Duncan
Teacher of MFL

Mrs V Lesti
Teacher of MFL

Miss N Edwards
Teacher of MFL

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