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At Ladybridge, we are committed to ensuring that all our students become critical readers and sophisticated writers; that they are able to communicate effectively in all situations, with an understanding and appreciation of the world, and their role in it, through the study of literature.

Our aim is to promote the development of literacy, based on the pleasures and demands of reading, writing, speaking and listening. We believe that the study of literature within cultural and historical contexts challenges students to articulate and defend ideas, to appreciate ideas different from their own, and to respect diversity. Students are encouraged, through their own writing, to develop independent thinking skills in a variety of situations and for a variety of purposes and audiences.

All students study English and English Literature for five years at Ladybridge. We aim to engage students through the study of a wide range of challenging and thought-provoking texts: novels, plays and poems, both classical and contemporary. We are committed to the study not only of English literature but of literature from other cultures; we embrace diversity and difference and aim to inspire students to widen their own reading experiences.  We focus on both literary and non-literary texts, exploring the ways texts are constructed, read, interpreted and used.

It is our ultimate aim to send our students out into the world as young adults who can read, understand and question a wide variety of textual evidence; who can communicate their thoughts and beliefs in a thoughtful, purposeful and coherent way; and who can appreciate and respond to the arguments of others’, even when they do not reflect their own ideals.

Members of the English & EAL Team:

Mrs E Lee
Director of Standards for English

Mrs A Ridyard
Assistant Director of Standards for English

Miss R Tapper
Lead Practitioner for English KS3

Mrs J Miller
Lead Practitioner for English KS4

Ms V Mellor
Teacher of English

Ms E Willetts
Teacher of English

Mrs K Isherwood
Teacher of English

Mrs M Strauss
Teacher of English

Members of the EAL Support Team:
Mrs C Gresty

Mrs K Newcombe

Mrs M Cunada-Bellido
EAL Intervention Lead

Mr A Rubbani
EAL Intervention Lead

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