UCL Beacon School for Holocaust Education

The UCL Beacon School in Holocaust Education programme is the most effective teacher development programme in Holocaust education in England. A partnership in which the world’s leading university for education helps schools to transform their pupils’ understanding of this complex and emotionally-challenging subject, improving teaching standards, raising pupil achievement, and strengthening SMSC provision.

We passionately believe that Holocaust education is very important to support young people in dealing with powerful feelings, to help them express themselves and develop their emotional literacy and stimulate their independent enquiry.  By discussing faith in human nature and the progression of the western world and civilisation we hope to capture students’ interest in the Holocaust and prevention of genocide, giving them an insight into the person behind the man, woman, child who was persecuted and what was lost.  Teaching the long-term impact of the Holocaust and the significance it has on their modern world will hopefully inspire, motivate and challenge them to take greater responsibility and have a greater understanding and knowledge of the subject.
Warning signs and intervention promote critical thinking and personal growth which is important when understanding the links and determining the importance and relevance of arguments and ideas.
Being a Beacon school will help teachers to be better informed and for every subject to be involved in the teaching of the Holocaust and genocide, promoting cross-curricular approaches to teaching and learning. (UCL Centre for Holocaust Education)

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