From an Educational Consultant

Thank you so much for hosting my visit to Ladybridge High School on 16th March 2016.

I really appreciated the opportunity to discuss your approach to providing high quality inclusive education to a diverse and culturally rich group of students. It was an absolute pleasure to tour the school and see at first hand the bespoke arrangements you have developed to include all students. The commitment to integrate EAL students is impressive and it was a pleasure to discuss this with Adam your EAL Lead. The commitment of staff including SLT to go the ‘extra mile’ was very evident as was the flexibility to provide bespoke packages for students with a wide range of additional needs. Employing dedicated pastoral (non-teaching) staff is clearly paying dividends as are your skilled teaching assistants.

I really enjoyed seeing hearing and feeling the relaxed climate for learning in the classes we visited and realise that this is underpinned with rigorous use of data and extensive teacher CPD, as discussed briefly with Ann to maximise the learning opportunities for all.

I left the school site with a smile on my face which I had absorbed from meeting so many happy and enthusiastic staff and students.

Confidence and compassion to make his way in the world…
When our son said he was ‘missing school’ in the summer holidays, we knew we had backed a winner. Ladybridge High has nurtured, looked after, educated and helped our son grow. He goes to school smiling every day and he, and we, are completely confident that he is safe and happy within the school’s environment.
He enjoys the lessons, respects and likes the teachers and has a wide circle of fantastic friends. He is extremely proud to be part of the Ladybridge family and is eager to tell anyone who will listen what a fantastic school he goes to.
Ladybridge High is a school where every single child matters to not only the teachers, but to all the other children. They value and respect each other and these qualities will, I know, arm our son with the confidence and compassion to make his way in the world.”

An email from a happy parent

My son started in Year 7 back in September - he has ASD & I have to admit I had lots of worries & concerns regarding him starting at Secondary School but I would just like to say how unfounded these concerns were. Since the first time he stepped into your school in transition there has been unlimited support & care for him & for us all as a family. Communication between school (especially the SEN team & Mr White) & myself has been absolutely fantastic & totally faultless. It is so reassuring to know that Sam is in such a caring environment which is helping him achieve his full potential both, academically & socially, & helping him to grow into the young man ready for the big wide world that we hope for. Ladybridge High was definitely one of the best choices we ever made for Sam…thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ladybridge Tackles Hate Crime

We are delighted to receive the letter below from the Police in recognition of our Hate Crime work.

Dear Ladybridge Team,

Throughout Bolton as across the country Hate Crime is massively under reported and as a result many victims of hate crime are often left unsupported.
We have seen in the national press of all too often incidents that have unfortunately resulted in victims of hate crime taking their own lives as they have felt isolated and unprotected or as in the case of Sophie Lancaster where she was attacked for simply dressing differently.

In Bolton we are trying to prevent hate crime and support victims by education as we believe large sections of the community do not understand what hate crime is and they are not aware of the possible consequences of their actions.

I would like to thank you for allowing pupils from Ladybridge High to be a part of the Bolton Hate Crime Ambassador Scheme. Your nominated pupils have taken part in a one day training course where they were educated in relation to what is a hate crime and its impact on individuals and communities. Your pupils now have a knowledge of the six different hate crime strands, how to support victims and how to encourage the reporting of incidents either in school, to the police, online or to one of Bolton’s third party reporting centres.

I recently attended your school and was extremely impressed by the way your ambassadors have taken to their role. The noticeboard on your corridor is filled with anti-hate crime literature and pictures of your ambassadors so that victims can identify them and approach them regarding their incidents or simply for advice.  I have worked with your school for a number of years and I am always impressed with the schools positive attitude towards tackling issues or problems.

Can I ask that you convey my sincere thanks to your staff and ambassadors for how they have taken on this challenge.

Thank you to a parent from Key Stage Four.
We aim to please!

Our daughter is in year 10 at Ladybridge High and thoroughly enjoys her time at school.  Due to her additional medical needs we visited four different secondary schools before deciding on Ladybridge High.  Our criteria meant we wanted a school where she would be well cared for and her health needs would be met. League tables and academic achievement were almost secondary for us.  We felt that if a school could cater for her complex needs,  our daughter would be happy in this environment which in turn would mean she would achieve.  We have yet to be disappointed.

All pupils at Ladybridge High School are treated as individuals.  The school timetable has been fitted around my daughter’s medical routine and the care she had received has been over and above all expectations.  We have confidence that school is a safe place to be for our child and know she is fully supported in the learning environment.  She has been encouraged not only to take part fully in the school curriculum but to experience non-curriculum based activities that will benefit her in adulthood.  My daughter has been on a number of school trips, in the UK and abroad, something we never thought possible.  She has been given so many new opportunities and are pleased to say that every day she is being ‘the best she can be’ and attaining grades well above the national average.

We thank Ladybridge High School for giving our daughter a happy and healthy childhood.

A letter from a proud parent

My daughter is in year 10 at Ladybridge now and I can honestly say that we are as happy now with the school as we were when we chose it all those years ago. For us Ladybridge was the only school to choose, despite viewing seven in total for comparison. It wasn’t the closest to home, it wasn’t about league tables, it was about a feel, a feel for the teachers, for the atmosphere and for their vision of my child’s future there. I know that it is hard to quantify a feel, but for us it was that simple, and that is still how it is today.
The head teacher knows who my daughter is and who I am, even though I’m hardly in school. The teachers know my daughter and her little foibles, they tease her and she does the same back to them. There is a great banter that I see my daughter and other kids have with the teachers that only comes from a fondness within, for the work you are doing.
My daughter loves the school, she can’t imagine having gone anywhere else and she is proud to be at Ladybridge and defends it well when questioned about it.
The family atmosphere really is apparent here with everyone knowing everyone else and my daughter is part of that, where her voice is heard and her opinion counts. I always knew she would excel in the right environment and for us that has been Ladybridge.
When on occasion I’ve had reason to contact school they have been professional, helpful and kind. Small problems have been ironed out and the positive attitude of the staff is reassuring. The teachers give the impression of all pulling towards the same goal with the welfare of the children in mind, and their competency in their chosen field is inspiring.
With regards to trust in the school, I’m extremely happy with how the school works. I trust their judgement in my child’s education and I feel that they value my input as well.
I’ve found Ladybridge to be a strict school in the best possible way, the children are well presented, disciplined and respectful to each other and the staff.
I want my child to be disciplined, I want her to learn and to learn in a calm and controlled environment where everyone counts, and their differences are celebrated and applauded not challenged. I can see my daughter being supported and encouraged to become the adult she is going to be and Ladybridge has been a part of her growth.
I never miss an opportunity to recommend Ladybridge, it’s a wonderful school.

Thank you to Phil Wood PHF, Past President, Rotary Club of Westhoughton for his lovely comments about our very special Ladybridge ‘Youth Speaks’ Team:

Dear Mrs Isherwood,

We were very pleased to meet you, the team and some very supportive parents on Thursday.  I am delighted that Ladybridge has been involved in Youth Speaks and hope that you will want to compete again next year.

The team gave an excellent performance and I would congratulate all three of them for the fine work that they put in to preparing and delivering their talk.  Please find attached the photographs I took on the evening.  They are most welcome to have them for their albums etc.

A letter from a parent

As you are aware my son struggled all through his time at his last school.  He suffered great anxiety…After months of my child begging me to change school I have given in and decided to change his school.

We had an appointment at the end of June to look at your school and we felt comfortable straight away. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful and mainly reassuring that my child would be looked after. I applied for the school and had to go through an appeal which we luckily won.  This is such a relief for us as a family, as your school works with us, supports us as parents and supports my child.  Whenever we need to speak to someone, there is always someone available to talk to.

I can see the difference in my child ...who is now calmer, relaxed and finally seems to be happy and likes school now. That is all what I wanted as a parent, for my child to go to school happy and to be able to get his education that he needs and deserves.

Finally I would like to like to add, that I am very happy with the outcome of the Parents Evening, meeting you as the form tutor, I felt even more reassured and it reminded me of primary school in a very good way, that closeness from teacher with the pupil is important…to have a relationship with the children…which I think is the most important aspect for children wanting to learn in school.

So I want to thank the school for all your help and support that has been given to my child and to our family since starting. And finally as a mum I can start to relax and not worry every morning, if my child will go to school…will there be a meltdown, will my child feel ill and so on…My child now has 100% attendance, which is under normal circumstances not a big deal, but to us, it is huge, as my child never had full weeks in school at his last school.

A letter from a supply teacher

I really enjoyed my two weeks. The staff and students have been fantastic. Ladybridge is up there with the best schools I’ve worked in. Don’t hesitate to ask me back, it will be a pleasure.

A letter from two parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both yourself and all the wonderful staff at Ladybridge High School for moulding my children into the young people they are today. My wife Jackie and myself never hesitate to recommend Ladybridge to our friends as a school they can trust to look after their children and provide them with a great education. We wish everybody at the school all the very best for the future.
Paul and Jackie Peploe

A letter from an ex-student,

Thank you for making my time here at Ladybridge as wonderful as it could have been. This school has offered me so many opportunities which, in turn, have helped me to discover myself.
I am proud to be a part of the ‘Ladybridge Family’ and it’s sad to have to say goodbye. We never know what the future has to offer; who knows…I may be working for you one day!

A letter from a proud parent,

Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his first year at Ladybridge High School. His confidence has come on in leaps and bounds, the transformation is wonderful to see and it’s lovely to see him so inspired and motivated. We are very proud of him! Our son speaks very warmly about his peers and how kind the children are. He has a good set of friends and is vey settled and very proud to be at Ladybridge. 
Thank you to you all! Never at any point in this year have we doubted you and your team, or our decision to send our child to Ladybridge!

A letter from an ex-student,

Dear Mrs D’Arcy, Although it is sad that I’m about to leave this school, I want you to know that t is thanks to you and many members of your amazing teaching team that I move forward in a positive and confident way. You have been an inspiration and I will always remember you with fondness. Thank you for all your kind words, your quick chats, your positivity and your respect for each and every one of us. Love and best wishes for the future, Lewis.

A letter from a proud parent,

Dear Mrs D’Arcy and all the teaching staff at Ladybridge,

We have just returned from the primary school having watched our son perform in his last assembly, after 8 years, all ready to move to Ladybridge in September to join his older sister.
At this moment in time last year, we were happy but nervous about our daughter starting in Year 7 with you and your team. Choosing a high school is a daunting experience for parents, and one school parent told me, it didn’t matter where my daughter went as she would excel anywhere. I disagreed, in order for children to flourish and progress and their own rate, they need to feel part of a school family unit, where they can be themselves, be respected and be supported. Once this has been achieved, any child will in our opinion then fly, striving to be the best they can be and also in many cases finding out what that is!

I remember you thanking us for putting our faith in you and we would like to offer you all our most sincere and heartfelt thanks for this.
From the first moment our daughter started last September, she has submerged herself into everything that the school can offer and her outstanding academic achievements, sporting achievements, huge group of friends (from all schools), not only in her form, but lots of others and indeed other year groups, the fantastic comments received from each and every one of her teachers at parents evening, makes us as parents so very proud not only of her, but of the fact that we chose Ladybridge.

Could we please ask that you pass our thoughts onto all her teachers who have been amazing with her all year. Our second child starts in September, and is equally excited and ready to become part of the Ladybridge family. Thank you just isn’t enough, we are overjoyed and hugely proud to be associated with the Ladybridge family and this year we find ourselves happy, excited and not at all nervous about him starting in September!

With our warmest wishes for a lovely summer to everyone at Ladybridge!

A letter from an ex-student,

To Mrs D’Arcy, Thank you for everything you and your school have done for me. It’s been a pleasure having been at your school for five years. I’ve learnt so much. Thank you. Gemma.


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