Headteacher’s Welcome and Priorities

‘If it isn’t good enough for our own children, then it isn’t good enough for Ladybridge children either.’ Our school’s ‘mantra’.

Dear Friends of Ladybridge,

    I have worked at Ladybridge High School since it opened in September 2004 and I have been one of the Deputy Headteachers at the school since 2007.  It is now an absolute honour and a privilege for me to be leading this wonderful school.
    We are committed to excellence in everything we do and, on a daily basis, we are aiming, collectively, “to be the best we can be.”
Ladybridge High School is, once again, oversubscribed for September 2018 - as it has been for a number of years. Such is the school’s standing in our local community and beyond.
Our overall aim is to ensure that all students are well educated, well rounded, confident, secure, respectful and of smart appearance.  Our mantra continues to be that ‘if it isn’t good enough for our own children, then it isn’t good enough for Ladybridge children either.’ Without exception, our expectations are high, in terms of achievement, conduct, appearance and manners, and we expect all our students to live up to those expectations.
    Ladybridge parents matter to us.  After all, they know their child better than we do. We try our best to make sure that our culture and climate is as open as possible and that our ethos is about Family and togetherness for a shared purpose. We see our parents and the community as true partners in this and we really do want to work with you.
    Fortunately, we are a small enough school to be able to get to know every child individually and this enables us to ensure that every child’s potential is maximised and that every child is cared for properly.  Relationships at Ladybridge High School are exceptionally strong and we all enjoy learning together.
    We believe that attendance at school is vital and attendance at Ladybridge is well above the National Average and has been for many years.  Our students very rarely miss a day at school.  I believe that this is because students feel happy, confident and engaged under our care and it is a joy to see how proud they are of their achievements and how thrilled they are when they share them with us all.
    Ladybridge High School is, officially, UNICEF’s Top Fundraising School in the United Kingdom again.  We are absolutely thrilled to receive this accolade and we see this as testament to our students’ caring, thoughtful and active commitment, not only to Ladybridge, but to the citizens of the ‘world community’.
    Our continuing aim is to continue our journey to becoming a truly outstanding school ‘across the board’ and we have a very strong platform upon which to build. We were, indeed, delighted to have been judged as Outstanding for Leadership and Management and Good overall in our Ofsted 2013 Inspection and, once again, we have received an accolade from the Department for Education for being in the Top 100 schools showing the greatest sustained improvement between 2013-15. Morale is very high right across this school and we will all be the best that we can be to reach our goals.
    We are all deeply committed to making sure that each and every child in our Ladybridge Family leaves us at the end of his or her school life with the very brightest of futures and the very happiest of school memories.

With best wishes to you all,

Martin Witter

For an overview of our Ladybridge priorities for the Academic Year 2017-2018, please click here

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